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Feminism Is Still Needed

Feminism is still needed because:

  1. There are shirts being sold in department stores that say “It’s not Rape, it’s a cuddle with a struggle.”
  2. There are video games that give you points for killing sex workers.
  3. We teach women how to prevent rape instead of teaching men not to rape.
  4. Sometimes a movie’s rating depends on how much a female appears to be enjoying sex in a certain scene, and violence against women in movies don’t have the same impact on the rating of the film.
  5. Women’s bodies are still being legislated by mostly male politicians.
  6. We use terms like “bitch” and “pussy” to imply weakness.
  7. Being called a “girl” is used as an insult.
  8. Women still earn 23% less than men for the same work.
  9. The words Feminist and Feminism are still misunderstood as “Man-Hating”.
  10. Rape is used as a weapon of war.
  11. Honour Killings still happen.
  12. The higher you get within the corporate hierarchy, women essentially disappear.
  13. Women are often asked “How are you going to balance your work and your home life?”, yet men are never asked the same question.
  14. There are websites dedicated to teaching guys how to drug their dates into submission, and how to trick their girlfriends into getting abortions.
  15. There is still the belief that marital rape is impossible.
  16. Some Priests tell women that refusing their husband sex for any reason is a mortal sin.
  17. Boys are still raised in ignorance, in regards to their emotionality.
  18. Men’s voices are for everybody but women’s voices are just for women.
  19. Women represent 51% of the population but are still seen as a niche market.
  20. Men are still raised to think that women owe them their time/attention/conversation.
  21. Strong men are seen as confident leaders but strong women are seen as “ball-busters”, annoying, aggressive, and bitchy.
  22. Sexual harassment is often dismissed as “boys will be boys”.

Stop Telling Women To Smile

To the street harasser/cat-caller:
No, I will not smile.
I am not obligated to give you something nice to look at.
Women do not owe you their time or conversation.
My name is not Baby, Shorty, Sexy, Sweetie, Honey, Pretty, Boo, Sweetheart, or Ma; and when I don’t reciprocate, my name is not Ho, Ugly, Fatty, or Slut. However, I am a Bitch.
Remember that.
You are not entitled to my space.
I am not seeking your validation.
Critiques on my body are not welcome.
You can keep your thoughts on my body to yourself.
I am not outside for your entertainment.
So shut up.